XXXII Simpósio Brasileiro de
Redes de Computadores e Sistemas Distribuídos

Florianópolis, 5 a 9 de Maio de 2014
Daron Green

Palestrante: Dr. Daron Green, Microsoft Research Connections

Título: Living outside the Comfort Zone: Innovating through Research

Microsoft Research is a global organization dedicated to advancing the state of the art and expanding the possibilities of computing. Today, the world-renowned scientists of Microsoft Research make up one of the largest and most highly respected research organizations in the world. In his talk, Dr. Daron Green, head of regional research for Microsoft Research, will provide an exciting glimpse into the future of collaborative computing technology and describe Microsoft Research's strategy for creating high impact for our customers, our partners, and the world. He will show how Microsoft Research is exploring and creating unique research opportunities in highly configurable small-scale experimental devices through to world-leading cloud computing infrastructure.

Dr Green is the Senior Regional Manager of Microsoft Research Connections responsible for MSR's global research investments. Previously he was General Manager of Microsoft's Technology Policy Group; responsible for identifying business opportunities and innovations likely from potential disruptive technologies. In that role he provided oversight for key mechanisms for Microsoft's internal processes of innovation and ideation such as ThinkWeek and external efforts such as Microsoft's Cloud Research Engagements and Microsoft's Environmental Sustainability program. Prior to
this he was responsible for General Manager for Microsoft Research's external engagement and investment strategy. With a global portfolio which included diverse topics such as Health and Wellbeing, Education and Scholarly Communications, Computer Science and the Environment. Dr Green's initial research background was in molecular modeling and equations of state for fluid mixtures - his BSc is in Chemical Physics (1989, Sheffield) and Phd in molecular simulation of fluid mixtures (1992, Sheffield). He went on to do post-doctoral research in simulation of polymer and protein folding and, before moving to Microsoft, worked at Silicon Graphics/Cray, IBM and British Telecom.