XXXII Simpósio Brasileiro de
Redes de Computadores e Sistemas Distribuídos

Florianópolis, 5 a 9 de Maio de 2014
Fernando Pedone

Palestrante: Prof. Fernando Pedone, Univ. Lugano, Switzerland

Título: Geo-replicated storage with scalable deferred update replication


Many current online services are deployed over geographically distributed sites (i.e., datacenters). Such services call for geo-replicated storage, that is, storage distributed and replicated among many sites. Geographical distribution and replication can improve locality and availability of a service. Locality is achieved by moving data closer to the users. High availability is attained by replicating data in multiple servers and sites. In this talk I will consider a class of highly available storage systems based on deferred update replication. Deferred update replication ensures strong consistency and is at the core of several highly available storage systems. I will first show how the performance of deferred update replication can be made to scale to dozens and potentially hundreds of nodes. I will then consider the implications of the approach on user-perceived latency in geographically distributed environments and propose solutions. The talk will conclude with some open problems in the design of strongly consistent storage systems.


Fernando Pedone received his Ph.D. degree in computer science from Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland, in 1999. Before becoming Assistant and Associate Professor at the University of Lugano, he worked as a researcher at the Hewlett-Packard Laboratories in PaloAlto, California, and as a senior researcher at EPFL. His professional interestsinclude the theory and practice of distributed systems and distributed datamanagement systems. His theoretical work has addressed algorithmic aspects of reliable distributed systems, such as defining new abstractions for buildingreliable systems, creating algorithms implementing these abstractions and proving them correct. His systems work has considered using group communication abstractions to build replicated data management systems. To a largeextent, he has been interested in the inter play between theory and practice. Fernando Pedone has authored more than 70 scientific papers. He is co-editor of the book Replication: theory and practice.